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The Authentic Spark is currently working with the Cumbria Museums Directors Group, a consortium of museum and heritage sites from across Cumbria, to support them in developing an action plan for partnership working.


The group is diverse, encompassing rural and urban museums, national agencies such as English Heritage and National Trust as well as small independent trusts and local authority museums. While some have national or international significance and draw, being located within ‘honey-pot’ areas of the Lakes, others have much more local audiences and a local remit. Their scales of income, audiences and capacity are varied. However, they are seeking, through this project, to understand each other better and to develop effective ways of working together to support each other, to pursue common areas of challenge and to collectively enhance resilience.

Although ostensibly an action planning project, it is clear that the starting point has to be establishing strong collective vision and measurable objectives, against which actions can be planned and funding can be raised. The work is incorporating a survey of all partner organisations, facilitated workshops as well as review of benchmarking data across the sites. A key piece of research to inform the project will be comparator research into other museum consortia in order to understand lessons learnt and identify best practice examples that can be applicable to this particular case.

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